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Save The Circle; Save Us All Lyrics

Here are the lyrics for the video I just posted

Six of us, part of something new
Six of us, away from the truth
The magic comes
It’s here in us
Can’t be apart
Protect we Must
Save us all
As a whole
It’s us at war
It’s written in the stars

Save the circle
Save us all
Save the circle
Save us all

A drop of water as light as air
I can’t make it work if you’re not there
The Darkness comes
It’s in my blood
The power holds
The good side hides
The magic is mine
We can fight
We can rise
Save me from the dark

Save the circle
Save us all
Save the circle
Save us all


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► Save The Circle; Save Us All [Official Music Video]

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Directing our site towards books & news on the cast
Posted in News | Posted by Jen

Our site will be dedicating a huge part of it’s time now towards the books created by LJ Smith. Without her our beloved family would never have been born. Keep in mind that if any new information comes available about the show we will update here. Our family is strong and I love you all. May the magic live on in our hearts!

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As if the show being cancelled wasn’t enough…
Posted in News | Posted by Jen

We don’t know how much more distress our wands can take before they snap in two. First, The Secret Circle was canceled by The CW. Then executive producer Kevin Williamson said the show is unlikely to be picked up by another network. Now Warner Bros. tells Zap2It TSC won’t even get a Season 1 DVD release. Dash it all, demon worms!

Read the entire article here

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‘Cloak, Uncloak’ – Save The Circle ABC Family Campaign Part II
Posted in Save The Circle | Posted by Jen

The Save The Circle site has another part to their campaign to get ‘The Secret Circle’ brought to ABCFamily – You may be wondering what it is exactly and I was until I read up on it. They will be doing a mass mailing of coins to the ABC Family’s offices in Burbank, California. Want to know what you can do to help? Check out the site and help in anyway you can!

ABC Family Campaign Part II: Cloak, Uncloak

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Message from a ‘Secret Circle’ supporter
Posted in Bring Back The Secret Circle | Posted by Jen

The following letter is from the creator of the Facebook page ‘Save The Circle, Send A Crystal’ He has asked I share it with the Secret Circle Family. So, Here it is:

I am hoping to get more news about all the support the
Make-A-Wish, Save-A-Wish is probably the best chance of our show being renewed
or picked up, while supporting a great cause. Let’s try to donate to this
charity and show us fans not only love the show, but also love children and
their wishes while fighting for their lives. I think all the other things we
are doing is amazing as well, but nothing like this has been done in the past.
For fans to gather together for a cause (Make a Wish Foundation) to show how
much we care for that charity, while hoping a network will see that the power
of us Secret Circlefans, is the power to make a wish come true. In a way we are
doing magic, and hopefully our wish will come true while providing wishes to
these precious children in their time of need.

This was an amazing idea with such great and loving
“binding” of TSCfans. Just imagine even if TSCdoes not become renewed or picked up by a
network, this charity has already raised a lot of money, I believe the producer
or writer donated $20,000 when the charity “Make-A-Wish,
Save-A-Witch” started. If you google about the $20,000 donation, you can
see exactly if it was the writer or producer. No other fans of a show being
cancelled has provided this kind of support to children in their time of need,
to show how much we care about them and hope that networks see that as much as
we care about TSC, we are doing great things for a great
charity. I am assuming all the people donating are not just doing it to save
the show, but behind the fact we want to show how much we support the show, the
more important factor is these amazing children with an “inner” magic
that is keeping them alive and the money we donate is creating a
“spell” to provide that wish they so long for, hopefully the networks
will also be “spellbound” by our amazing TSCfans are and how much we are doing to
save the show, but more importantly while wanting our “wish” granted,
we actually are granting so many wishes to those in need.

I just love how much TSCfans globally have united for this cause,
even knowing that our show may not make it. We still care about this loving
children and their wishes. We will “cast a spell” and hopefully bring
healing energy of the power of a “crystal” to this children and
miracles can happen and dreams will come true for the children.

Karma is a powerful thing, and I believe just donating for the
children, will pay us back in the fact a network will realize no other
“binding” of fans for a show have done this kind of thing before.

It just goes to show that TSChas amazing, loving, undeniably
“bound” fans. Wow, I am just so happy to see us doing something so
great, all because we share the love for the show, and want to spread that love
to the children who are needing “magic” in their lives.

Thank you all for the support of this group, I know we have been
growing and I hope it continues, because all the fansites, petitions, items
being sent, letters, etc…those are filled with such passion.

The Make-A-Wish, Save-A-Witch campaign has filled my heart with
joy, I knew TSCfans were amazing and strong, but beyond
that we are passionate and therefore we want to help make wishes come true.

Chance Harbor may return, but for now TSCfans are creating magic of our own, magic
to provide wishes, to help those in need. It would be a sad thing for a network
not to see the devotion us TSCfans have and that we CAREenough to help those in need, even if a
network choses to not grant our “wish”. At least TSCglobal fan community will be remembered
for helping out so many wishes for the angels on earth that need them.

So really if TSCnever returns, it will always be something those we helped with
this campaign, and those children will always remember how much devotion TSCfans had for a show that was only around
for one season. When they smile, and fight for survival, we have truly created
magic by donating to this cause and we know that we are doing positive things
without caring if the show is not returned to us.

I am so proud of all of us and the amazing passion we have for the
show and for these children “wanting a wish” to come true. We are not
even fighting for our lives, like these precious children. So in the end if
Karma doesn’t come full “circle” in terms of the show being renewed
or picked up. It will come in the form of a smile on a child’s face when their
“wish” comes true, and hopefully 20/20 or Ellen, someone in the media
realizes how amazing TSCfanbase is and that no matter what the outcome, we made
“wishes” come true and we brought a smile to the children in the
“Make-A-Wish” foundation. Love is a powerful thing and our donations
not only enforce the love we have for TSC, but the love we have for those in need,
and to bring some sunshine into their lives.

AMAZING, just AMAZING!!! Out of all the shows I have strived and
combined with other fans to save, TSCfans have blew me away with the
outpouring of support for the show, but more for the fact that we care for
these childrens dreams and wishes to be granted…..and that is true magic at
work. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Here is information on the campaign and a great article regarding TSCfans being “bound” and we are a

I almost want to cry thinking about those children and the fact we
have united in a way that brings others wishes to light and a smile to their
face. @<------

Sincerely your "bound" brother and creator of the FB
page "Save The Circle, Send A Crystal",
Michael D. Adams

Make-A-Wish to Save-A-Witch

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► SAVE OUR CIRCLE ; we are balcoin family [the secret circle]
Posted in Bring Back The Secret Circle | Posted by Jen

“We must continue to fight, we have the same blood, We’re all Balcoin”… With this video we want to bring the attention of the networks: ABCFamily, Syfy, MTV and other for pick up our show! We WANT BACK our witches, we want a second season of The Secret Circle! We have reached more than +50,000 signatures in our petitions to #BringBackTheSecretCircle!

Organized by @SecretCircleES & SecretCircle_it

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Bring Back The Secret Circle video campaign!

I just had another idea! I’m willing to put together a video of people from around the word showing support for #BringBackTheSecretCircle I will take fan signs, graphics, videos of people talking! Whatever you want to send! Just spread the word! If you want in on the video idea send me your items by Thursday May 31st! I will work on it and post on Thursday 6/7 around the same time that The Secret Circle would air (8pm EST) Please spread the word and show everyone how much The Secret Circle means to us!

Email me your items to secret.circle@crowhaven-road.com

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● SAVE THE SECRET CIRCLE ● by @StephQueenBee

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► SAVE THE SECRET CIRCLE \\ by @FragilexDesires
Posted in Bring Back The Secret Circle | Posted by Jen

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