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It’s party time in Chance Harbor; Cassie and Adam make a decision

It’s time for a party on tonight’s episode of ‘The Secret Circle’ Adam Conant’s birthday to be exact and we’re sure it’s going to be one Chance Harbor will never forget! Considering Ethan enlists on Diana’s help for the party its bound to be interesting!

We’re going to see some definite shifts in the great Diana/Adam/Cassie/Jake love square over the next few episodes as Adam and Cassie make choices about who they want to be with. The birthday party doesn’t make Adam’s decisions any easier.

“At this point in the story, he’s sort of decided that he tried for a long time to get back together with Diana, and when she wouldn’t budge, he has clearly decided to move on to Cassie,” Thomas said while we chatted with him in his trailer. “It’s more painful for Diana than it is for him, because she broke up with him, but she’s not over him. There’s a scene where she gives a birthday speech and Shelley just did a wonderful job. Shelley’s the one who always makes me sad when I watch the show. I always get very moved by her work.”

Shelley says that despite Diana’s bravado, she’s hoping that Cassie’s and Adam’s whole star-crossed-lovers situation fails miserably. “She doesn’t want to be in the way if they’re not meant to be, but I think she wants Adam and her to be meant to be,” she says.

Of course, just because Adam has chosen to be with Cassie doesn’t mean that Cassie has chosen him over Jake. (You didn’t think this love triangle thing was going to be easy, did you?)

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