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Screen Captures of Shelley Hennig in ‘Echo House’ have been added
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Screen captures have been added for Teen Wolf episode ‘Echo House’ starring Shelley Hennig

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Teen Wolf episode stills and screen captures for 3.14 More Bad Than Good
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Episode stills and screen captures have been added for the debut of Shelley Hennig being on Teen Wolf

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Home > The Cast > Shelley Hennig > Projects > Teen Wolf 2013-? > Screen Captures

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Britt Robertson: First Look at ‘Under The Dome’
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I would like to announce that Crowhaven Road Video Archive is now open! I have worked hard on this for months now scouring the Internet finding everything I could. I will be including fan videos as well. So, if you have videos you’d like to have in our archive comment or send me a message on twitter. Here’s to making this site bigger and better!!

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Hi guys! This is the last chance to make ourselves heard. We know the idea that The Secret Circle renewed may seem absurd because the Warner Brothers Studios has not yet released the production rights of the show, and that many of the cast members are engaged in other work, TV series and movies, but we want to give a final possibility to the show that we love more than anything else. As many of you, we want The Secret Circle back more than anything else, so we decided to organize several nights to remember our show on Twitter to make us feel. What we want to do is make TREND or at least try the word “THE SECRET CIRCLE”starting from March 4 (look under the post the exact time of your country). Stay tuned for more infos and subscribe in our TWITTER

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Entire cast photos from 2011 uploaded to gallery
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Home > Appearances/Events > 2011 > Entire Cast > The CW Network’s 2011 Upfront – 5.19.11

Home > Appearances/Events > 2011 > Entire Cast > The CW Network’s 2011 Upfront Party – 5.19.11

Home > Appearances/Events > 2011 > Entire Cast > CBS, The CW & Showtime’s 2011 TCA Party – 8.3.11

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New TSC Book ‘The Temptation’ March 12, 2013
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You can now preorder your copy of ‘The Temptation’ from Amazon[dot]com

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Jessica Parker Kennedy Talks ‘Secret Circle’ Fans, what would’ve happened…
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What did The CW star tell us would have happened had Secret Circle continued.

She hints that there could have been a definite possibility for a Melissa and Adam (Thomas Dekker) romance.

“Adam and I definitely had some chemistry there when he was supporting me and making me feel better when I was sort of over being a witch,” she said. “I talked to Andrew Miller about it, who was one of the producers on the show, and he definitely hinted to me if we had a second season that it was very possible that Melissa and Adam were going to someway end up together and be together, which would have been really, really interesting. “

Had the show continued, this development would have been the source of a massive amount of tension between Melissa and fellow circle members Cassie (Britt Robertson) and Diana (Shelley Henning).

“I was the third girl in the circle to possibly hook up with this guy. He’s a hot commodity,” laughed Kennedy, 28.

Following the cancellation of the series, fans took to the internet in an effort to save the show.

“The Secret Circle fans are some of the most loyal, incredible, passionate fans that I’ve ever come in contact with. I went to Milton Keynes in England recently to do a signing and I literally had fans crying at the table being like, ‘Why is the show cancelled? Oh my god!,’” she said. “It was just unbelievable the support on Twitter, the letters they’ve written, I love them so much.”

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Phoebe Tonkin makes ‘Vampire Diaries’ debut in episode 4.03
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The third episode of The Vampire Diaries season 4, “The Rager,” introduces Secret Circle‘s Phoebe Tonkin. A bit of the synopsis from the episode about Phoebe’s character Hayley.

“Tyler (Michael Trevino) gets a surprise visit from Hayley (guest star Phoebe Tonkin, “The Secret Circle”), a werewolf who helped him through the ordeal of breaking his sire-bond to Klaus.”

Source: Hypable

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